Representing Funeral Directors & Associated Businesses in London & the Home Counties


The meeting was held at the Clermont Hotel, Charing Cross.

Reflecting on recent challenges for members, retiring President Adam Ginder (MK Ginder & Sons) noted the great value of the support provided by membership of the Association.
He recalled that he had benefitted from the invaluable support and advice of peers when he had taken the reins of the family firm, on the death of his Father, so had not been surprized to see the strength of co-operation evident during the pandemic (Presidential Address here)

During the meeting, Mr Ginder presented his chosen charity – Group B Strep Support – with the funds raised at the Banquet & Ball in February 2020.
The cheque was received, on behalf of the charity, by Lynsey White, who thanked members for the generous support.
She explained the charity’s purpose – to raise awareness of Group B Streptococcus infection and the risk to newborn babies.
The charity was involved in campaigning for routine testing of pregnant women and provided information and support to affected families.

Rachel Bradburne, NAFD Policy & Public Affairs Manager, updated members on the changing regulatory environment, particularly the development of IFSO.

Michael Tiney (Southall Funeral Service) was elected President, with Vice-president Anji Reeves (Mears Family Funerals).
Richard van Nes (Funeral Partners) will continue as Hon. Treasurer.
Members elected Edward Brunskill (Brunskill Family Funerals) to the Executive Committee and re-elected existing Committee members (details here).

Members were updated on recent education events (report here). The social restrictions during the pandemic had prompted the development of online delivery of seminars, which had proved popular.
Online teaching had increased accessibility for staff from outside Central London and would continue.

Mr Truelove had provided  a round up of legislative changes due to affect employers in April 2022 (posted as a seperate item here).


Retiring President Adam Ginder was delighted to
hand the presidential chain to new President Michael Tiney.