Why Choose a Member Firm

Our members are confident of the service they provide, the quality of their facilities and the knowledge of their people. Since 1904 The London Association of Funeral Directors has been scrutinising the standards of funeral directors in the Capital.

The choice of funeral director is one of the most important decisions to be made shortly after a bereavement and this is at a time when decision making is at its hardest. Each area of London has a unique culture and personality and our members are Londoners who understand the communities that they work in and the traditions of the families that live there.

Each funeral director is as unique as every funeral and choosing one over the others can be challenging. A good first step is to look for a funeral director that is a member of their local trade association, administered by a Code of Practice (see What to Expect from a Member Firm).

Our members’ funeral homes are visited on joining and are then inspected at least every other year. Evaluation is against stringent criteria, which ranges from transparency of pricing to knowledge of staff. Only funeral directors that are confident of meeting this criteria put themselves forward for membership.

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